At PrimeStar Investments, our passion to help you with your Investments and make it grow, is both a challenge and satisfaction. Our team challenges itself daily to offer you better investment products or faster service levels. We are not the kind of team to take NO for answer or follow trends blindly. The PrimeStar team is constantly upskilling itself both personally and intellectually to ensure we are at peak performance.

Some other things that you should know about doing business with us are –

  1. You are a Priority – Your Portfolio is personally monitored by Jainy Shah (founder) and the Head of Research, both qualified Financial Planners. We do not delegate this important task to juniors or less experienced professionals in the company, as is the practice of the industry. If you have trusted us with your Investments (no matter what amount), we make sure we dedicate the best talent to you.
  2. Your portfolio needs Mindfulness – Due to the personal attention given to each Investment portfolio, we onboard only 6 clients per year. This ensures we give full justice to understanding you and your Investment needs. Again, this is an Industry first practice!
  3. Average Client Relationship is 11.5 years! Our clients have stuck to us since they started their investment journey with us and hence the average relationship is 11.5 years! At PrimeStar your portfolio is monitored personally by Jainy, so there is a consistency that comes with the style and investments. This has led to great success and client satisfaction.
  4. Robust Research Process – From 39 AMCs, 800 schemes and 35 Categories it is a herculean task to give you the most suitable one. For this we have a robust Research process where all 800 schemes are checked on their technical parameters and then we meet with each Mutual Fund to know the insights. Our research process, as per the feedback given by the Mutual Funds, is so exhaustive that the AMC would itself like to use our processes.