“To to go fast – walk Alone. To go far – walk Together”

The team at PrimeStar is what really makes a world of difference. The energy, motivation and go-get-it attitude ensure that we can achieve anything!

Jainy Shah

Founder, MBA Finance (NMIMS), CFPCM, Insurance Advisor

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five Minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently.”

– Warren Buffet

Jainy lives by this principle, be it her professional life or personal. Born to a Gujarati stockbroking family teaches you powerful money lessons unlike any school. She started working in 2004 and looked after the treasury of her family. By investing her own money, she played a dual role – an investment manager and her own client. This set her apart. While onboarding clients and with Assets Under Management growing, Jainy achieved many accolades.

  • Received 11 awards from top Mutual Funds.
  • Nominated by CNBC Tv18 for the Top Women Advisor in the “Western Zone” in India.
  • Invited by ET NOW and FBLive to share her views on Investments.

With a goal to educate, Jainy conducts Investor Awareness Programs for Industry bodies and Charitable Organisations. Jainy’s client-centric approach is liked by investors who are looking for long term wealth creation.

Milind Palav

Admin Head – BCom

We all look up to him for guidance when we are stuck. Working with the family business and PrimeStar since 12 years he is the most trustworthy and senior person. Born to run the admin department, he handles accounts, taxation and files like a pro.

Richa Soni

Research Head & Planner – NiSM VIII, Nism VA, CFPCM, BCom

The brain at PrimeStar, who minutely analyses everything that is related to investments. Be it clients’ money or mutual funds’ latest update, she is totally tuned in. Systematic and process driven she has the patience to plan and customize every investment.

Rutuja Acharekar

Operations & Back office Head – NiSM II-B, NiSM VA, BCom

The heart of PrimeStar who smiles her way to make even the toughest task look simple. She attends to each client request and our partner communication to ensure that we are always running smoothly. She likes to simplify paperwork to pamper our clients so that they have the most easy going experience while investing.

Chandras Tirlotkar

IT Incharge, BCom

The CPU at PrimeStar, all data must run through his keen eyes. A quick learner and patient listener, Chandras understands and manages the complex financial software. Data being the backbone of all investments, it’s a tough task in this fast-paced world.